I think that fully integrated archiving is one of the most important features that speak for Zimbra compared to other solutions.
Still it lacks some functions that would be nice or even important.

i would like to gather all these features here, some might already be in bugzilla and others could be added if the feedback is positive here.

So here is what I would like to see:

- Existing mails are cloned into the archive when enabled (suggested here http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...s-archive.html)

- Read access on a user level (RFE here Bug 18636 - Archiving: give end-user read-only view of their archive)

- possibility to write archive to a seperate store (cheaper disks) or to use a different HSM schedule, either on COS or domain level

- easy way to use a seperate backup schedule/configuration for archive accounts

- possibility to set a retention time for the archives.

- some easy way to delete older mails from the regular accounts and perhaps even replacing those by links to the archive

- single instancing (if not already present) at least within the archive mailboxes

Now please give your feedbacks on the ideas and add your own.