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Thread: [SOLVED] Way to negate in search language?

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    Question [SOLVED] Way to negate in search language?


    I love the web client's Find: dialog capabilities. However, I find that I really need to negate searches very often and am curious if there's a way.

    For example, I have many, many email folders. If I wanted to find an email from a particular address that was NOT in my Inbox (i.e., in another folder), I'd like to do something like: !in:inbox

    Using the "!" to negate. I tried it on a long shot to see if it might work, but it does not. Is there a way?


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    Simple, you were so close it's just not with an exclamation mark:

    not in:inbox is the same as -in:inbox

    See this article where I've gathered all the possibilities: Search Tips - ZimbraWiki

    If you think that ! should be added as a common 'exclude' value go ahead and open an RFE in bugzilla
    (and of course if you do be sure to post a link back here so that others searching in the future know)
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    Damn it....rtfm'd myself. Thanks guys.

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