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Thread: Some easy to add, key missing features

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    Default Some easy to add, key missing features

    1. Ability to tab to a drop down box. Seems like drop down boxes are always skipped in the tabbing cycle.

    2. Address book view similar to Outlook's "Phone list" view. A view that looks more like a spreadsheet with at least a few important fields other than just the name, which is all the zimbra "contact list" view gives you.

    3. ability to print using view from #2

    4. in the admin UI. Ability to copy an entire distro list in case you want to send it to someone.

    5. print calanders in color using a color per calendar.

    6. if only one calandar is selected for view, then adding a new appt should default to adding it to that calendar. really confusing when you accidentally add an appt to "Calendar" but are only viewing "Calendar2"

    7. this one is big. copy and paste appts. drag and drop is nice, but copy and paste is so important.

    8. "copy" option whenever text is right clicked. especially an email address.

    9. option to add an email address to an already existing contact. ie. right click email addr from an email. drop down option that says "Add to existing contact"

    10. a text entry field for new appt times. its really silly to do so much clicking to add an appt. gmail has an awesome text entry/drop down interface for new appts that just schools zimbra.

    11. something to show how many pages of email you have.

    12. ability to jump to a specific page of email.

    13. ability to bounce or auto-reply based on a mail filter.

    14. import calendar from csv

    15. delete all contacts or emails or appts.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Have you looked in bugzilla to see if any of those features are already filed as an RFE? If they are you can vote on them, if they're not you could always add them as feature requests (RFE).


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    if i would like to add some features on zimbra is it possible for me to do that on my local machine.

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