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    Default Drag & Drop attachments

    Could a local app, something like Zimbra Toaster maybe, be used to enable drag & drop of attachments? This is especially needed when multiple attachments are being added. Maybe a "drag & drop" button next to the current "add attachment" button that launches something locally where drags can be dropped, and then relay the pathnames to the web client or something.

    Also, maybe that same local app could listen for when a mailto: link is clicked on a web page and trigger the zimbra client to open a new mail window? It's not within the grasp of most users to be able to do this manually.


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    Well the toaster was designed for notifications, and actually if you go to the 2nd options tab for the toaster you can register mailto: links
    (this excludes the 'send as email' kinds of things like in the MS word tool bar)
    -I set it to open in the html/basic client because otherwise your loading the advanced client in a new browser window...

    For uploading-I'm sure these are already in bugzilla-though it wouldn't hurt to double check.
    But you're probably going to find more requests for a java app window for dragging/uploading documents then you will for a desktop app...
    (Though using webdav comes to mind -especially for the briefcase)

    In the mean time, Firefox has an extension called dragdropupload that I use for just about any upload dialog:
    And there's probably something similar out there for IE7 as well.
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