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Thread: vacation message only for mail ending up in inbox?

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    Default vacation message only for mail ending up in inbox?


    I would like to know, if it is possible to set up vacation auto-reply only for mail, that will end-up in inbox. I'm subscribed to several mailing lists and I would like to avoid replying with out-of-office reply to posters of the mailing lists, since it would probably just bother them. I filter out all mailing lists to folders, so I would like to reply only to e-mail ending in my inbox. Is this possible with current ZCS 4.5.6?



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    Hi Jurag-
    There are a couple enhancements open for Out of Office/Away message replies. I'm not sure if any of them meet your criteria.

    Could you please look here:

    and if non of them fit, we encourage you to file an enhancement.


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