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Thread: Any way to shut off Junk Filter?

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    Default Any way to shut off Junk Filter?

    Hi Folks -

    I just discovered feature of Zimbra that is actually a drawback in my situation, and I wonder if anyone can help.

    Our webhost has recently switched to using the Zimbra/H-mail system to handle mail. We use Mozilla Thunderbird as our client. Our main computer (the one with Thunderbird) was undergoing some maintenance this evening, and so I logged into our Zimbra/H-mail account from a secondary computer, having never done so since the switch over to H-mail well over a month ago. I discovered that there were 123 Junk mails in the Zimbra Junk bin, but they were'nt all junk mail. Unfortunately a good number of them were from clients of ours, and we REALLY needed to have received them - we are now dealing with unhappy customers as a result.

    Since we don't want to be checking multiple different accounts daily (why bother!?!?), is there any way that I can either shut off the Zimbra Junk box, or have all of the Junk e-mails routed from there to the inbox instead, for me to manually sift through. I know it will be a pain, but we really don't want to miss any more client e-mails.

    Thanks in advance.

    Garry Wakely

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    Welcome to the forums.

    If you're an end-user then the answer is no, you can't modify the behaviour of the Junk folder, that would require access to the server. What you should do is to go into the Junk folder and hit the 'Not Junk' button to train Zimbra to recognise your email as legitimate non-junk mail. That should take long, usually just a couple of messages.

    If you really do have a problem with false positives getting to the Junk folder and your training doesn't work then you should talk to the company providing your mail service.

    Is there any particular reason you use Thunderbird rater than the Web UI?

    BTW, you would be able to spot these messages in Thunderbird if you Subscribe to the Junk folder, you can always train Zimbra from there by forwarding the false positives to the Ham Training folder as attachments.
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