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Thread: Outlook Categorie in Zimbra

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    Default Outlook Categorie in Zimbra

    I am hoping someone can just confirm this as true as I cannot find any explicit information regarding support for Outlook categories.

    It appears that Zimbra (either v4.5 or 5) does not support sync’ing Outlook categories (Outlook 2003 in our case). We were very happy with Zimbra up until this discovery, which became a deal killer for us since many companies make extensive use of Categories for things like Contacts or Calendar items.

    Specifically, we are trying to: 1) use a public calendar and assign categories (billable time, R&D, etc.) to calendar items, and 2) create a public contact list that is categorized (customer, vendor, staff, etc.), and then have these items shared globally throughout the company with the category info intact.

    When a category is assigned to an item it is not sync’d to others so that it shows up in their Outlook. Sure, when you import your PST Zimbra will convert your Categories to Tags, but it doesn’t seem to go any further than that.

    I am frankly surprised that this feature would be missing as it is such an integral part of Outlook – could someone please confirm that this is the case?

    Any help appreciated,


    Mike Tanyi

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    categories in outlook map to tags in zimbra, but not in shared folders. File this as an enhancement request in bugzilla.
    Sam Khavari

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    Default Tags / Categories on Shared Contacts

    I summarized all the requirements for this problem and I submitted a bug regarding this thread.

    It can be accessed here : Bug 23060 - Tags / Categories on Shared Contacts + syncing

    I don't know about others, but for me all of my customers (and potential customers) are all requesting that shared contacts be categorized (customers, vendors, personal, potential, etc) like the parent poster mentioned.

    One workaround is to create and share one folder per category but I thought the "category" organization (one contact multiple categories) is better than the "folder" organization (same contact entered multiple times in different folders).

    Anyway, let's hope the magic of Christmas happen this year.

    Alexandre Dagenais

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