We have a group of users who fill out a warranty claim form on one of our vendor's web site. After they submit the form they get a summary page, which includes a reference number. These users then need to send this summary page information via email to our customers. They cannot simply send a link to the information because the vendor web site is restricted and our customers do not have access. In the past, when we were using Outlook, from Internet Explorer they would simply click on File --> Send --> Page by E-mail. This would open up a new Outlook compose window with all the necessary information in the body of the message. They would then enter the "To:" address, and maybe add a little text, and off it went. Now with the Zimbra Web Client, because it is not tightly integrated with Windows, "File --> Send..." no longer works. So, they are saving the page as an HTML document to somewhere on their PC; then they attach the document to a new message in the ZWC. Unfortunately, besides having to do a couple of extra steps, when the users are trying to save the HTML page often they will just get a spinning hourglass in IE. Sometimes it stays like this for several minutes and then clears, but other times they have to go into Task Manager to kill the process. I know this is not a Zimbra issue per se, but the users perceive it to be a Zimbra problem because it only came up as a result of us forcing them to move from Outlook to Zimbra. This has resulted in some "bad publicity" for Zimbra within the company. We have also had them select all the text from the web page and then copy and paste into a new HTML formatted Zimbra message. However, they ran into some formatting issues doing this, and I also believe it caused some problems with spell checking.

So, anyone have any thoughts or idea on how to better handle sending a web page via the Zimbra Web Client?