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    My company wants to use Zimbra for its calendar functionality, but I'm having some trouble setting it up the way we want. What we want is a shared calendar where we can create appointments for certain individuals and have only those individuals receive notifications about the appointment. For example, say we have 3 employees: Bob, Joe, and Steve. Bob & Steve are meeting to discuss something at 2:00 PM. I want to create an entry in the calendar for this appointment, but I only want Bob & Steve to receive notifications about the upcoming event. Joe would see that Bob & Steve are busy, but would not have the details of the appointment visible (perhaps the meeting is to discuss firing Joe; we certainly wouldn't want him seeing that!) and would not have the meeting appear in his agenda or anything of that sort. Similarly, Joe might have a doctor's appointment at 3:00 PM that he only wants to show up in his agenda, not anyone else's.

    Also, we want our main access to be through Thunderbird/Outlook. I've been able to set up a shared calendar, but so far everybody's agenda is getting filled with all the same events.

    I don't know if it's relevant, but our Zimbra login names and our email addresses are different. In the example above, Steve's email would be, while his Zimbra login would be When specifying who the different appointments are for, would it be correct to identify someone by their email address or Zimbra login?

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    This is not going to be the most satisfactory answer, but from my limited experimentation in Tbird with the calendar add-on, you would need to have a separate shared calendar that only Bob and Steve have rights to. That way Joe would see Bob and Steve are busy but not why.

    Likewise, everyone has their own private calendar in addition to the shared one. . .unless they have shared their private calendar. So Joe can have his doctor's appt. on his private calendar and nobody else will see it.

    I have actually created my shared calendars in a user that is nobody on the system, and then shared them from there to whomever. This keeps people from deleting calendars others use.

    What I think you are describing, which would be to limit the rights to an item on the calendar to only those who are invited, would be a useful enhancement, but as far as I have seen at this point this does not exist. You can only share or not share whole calendars, though I don't know that there is a limit to how many such calendars you can have.

    Hope this is at least a little helpful. . .

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    OK, that's what I was afraid of. Creating a separate calendar for every possible combination of employees wouldn't be feasible, but at least individual, company-wide, and a few "group" calendars like Management, Development, and Sales/Marketing should work out.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

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