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    Default scheduling by group

    I'm testing out the new 5.0 RC1 release.

    When creating a calendar event and going into scheduling, I'm looking for a way to add all the attendees of a particular group. If I go to find attendees, and add that distribution list it doesn't relaly help because in the scheduler it does not show the individual calendars of the members of that distribution list.

    I found this thread which suggested that you use a contact group. I created a contact group containing the one other test user that I have created. Then I went into find attendees, found that contact group in my contacts and added it. However, when I switch back to the schedule tab that contact group doesn't even show up in the list of attendees. I have access to the other test user's calendar, because if I add them using their individual contact from GAL their schedule shows up fine.

    Am I doing this all wrong?

    Edit: Forgot to ask this. When searching in like find attendees, you can't seem to do partial matches on your contacts, just the gal. Like say i have a distribution list named "". If I type in "empl" in the search it finds it. if i create a contact group in my local contacts called employeesgroup or something like that, change the source to Contacts and type in "empl" it returns nothing. I have to type out the full name. Is this normal?
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    I found a bug report Bug 14267 - Search does not return "contact groups" in Calendars -->attendees tab.

    This isnt exactly the problem I'm having but one of the comments from a zimbra person says

    Currently there is no support for groups in appointment composer. They should
    have been filtered out of the 'Search' just like they don't show up in auto
    complete of attendees.

    Is this not a feature still in 5.0? I can't imagine this hasn't been a huge request. we have some departments here that are 50+ people and if a person has to input all 50 when filling out an appointment they're going to lynch me.

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