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Thread: contact Addresses in outlook conecting with ZIMBRA

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    Default contact Addresses in outlook conecting with ZIMBRA

    Hi, I'm new on this forum and with ZIMBRA, and maybe my question has been already answered, but I didn't find it.
    We used to have Exchange with Outlook 2003 and now we installed ZIMBRA and the clients are still Outlook, we have had lots of problems with the contacts that we used to have in Exchange, because after we installed ZIMBRA we lost the connection to that Exchange, so lots of people had their email and contacts addresses there.
    So, I have been searching to do a GAL in ZIMBRA, but I don't undersstand how to do it and how it works, I have read all the documentations but I don't see nothing referred on how to create and see that info from the ZIMBRA.

    What I need is to create all the contacts with email address, phone, etc into ZIMBRA and then be able to see then from any Outlook 2003, so any user who will write an email, won't use their own local address book and use instead the ZIMBRA address books.

    Also I read all abouth LDAP in ZIMBRA, but I didn't find what I was looking for.

    Please any help will be appreciated

    Thanks a lot


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    If you only need the contact data, use the Exchange Migration Wizard availabale in the Zimbra admin console to migrate the mailbox data from Exchange to Zimbra.

    If all the contact information is in AD, you can simply point the Zimbra servers external GAL to your AD server which will make the GAL available to all your Zimbra/Outlook users (assuming you're using the Zimbra Connector for Outlook).
    Sam Khavari

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    Sam thanks so much for the quick response and I apologize for the delay in the reply. I just wandering if there is any way to write that contact info manually into the GAL in ZIMBRA and then to share the Directory for the whole company as an ldap directory.
    Because We don't have the exchange server, it belong to another company, that is why we installed ZIMBRA.
    and not all the contacts are in the AD, in fact, 20% of the contact are from the AD, the rest of them are third party contacts.

    Thanks so much



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