Dear all,
I am copy pasting a conversation I had with David, from Zimbra here, I am pretty sure that you will have lots of insightful ideas to share with me. I think my problems should be fairly common, so hopefully I can find some help here!

From: Pejvan BEIGUI
To: David Pellegrini
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 04:37:52
Subject: Re: Zimbraized!

Hello David,

Quoting David Pellegrini (20/12/2005 19:08):

> Pejvan,
> 1) We'd recommend a local zimbra server install with an OpenLDAP cache/replica in the NYC office. This way NYC employees will get much quicker response times and have a local near site webclient for access. You can also deploy an MTA in MYC so that NYC employees have a local MTA. This MTA could serve as a backup MTA ro the primary London MTA. (How-to attached)
Thank you for this idea. But does this solution provide replication of the emails too? I came up with this solution as a way to have a real time disaster recovery email server and also an offsite backup system.

Basically, I feel very lucky because the two functions I needed have been implemented in Cyrus 2.3 which i have been waiting for for a couple of months but which has been released a few days ago:
- almost real time replication
- two-way delete system

> 2) In this case we'd recommend you setup a shadow or always Bcc account for each user. This way users are free to manage mail as they choose but you'll have 100% of their mail with no deletes available in the shadow mailbox. As long as the shadow mailbox is on the same Zimbra server as the user's mailbox there is no increase in storage costs since we use hard links to keep a single copy on disk. You may also be interested in our HSM feature which will allow you to move the shadow mailbox mail off to cheaper disk arrays after say 90 days. Just an option if you have reason to free up the fast disks that will be used for Zimbra's primary mail store.

Well, this is not a feasible solution because we need to implement this as a regulation system. The regulators in the US ask us to make available 5 years of email archives, and hence we cannot allow users to tweak the settings and have BCC, etc. because even received emails have to be kept for 5 years.
I am trying to find a way to deploy Zimbra on our production systems, but I can't find a way to deal with these two issues.
Zimbra is such a great product, and is perfect for me because it can replace even the calendar and contact part of the Exchange server...
Would it be possible to imagine a Cyrus back-end for the IMAP part of Zimbra or is this out of the question?

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> From: Pejvan BEIGUI
> To: David Pellegrini
> Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 05:53:36
> Subject: Re: Zimbraized!
> Hello David,
> Thanks for your email.
> I still need to find out two major requirements we have here and which I haven't found in the zimbra docs yet:
> 1- is it possible to use a replication scheme? we need to be able to replicate in almost real time, from our office in London to our new office in NYC.
> 2- is it possible to prevent users from deleting emails? (for example, expunging their "Thrash" folder?) this is a requirement from our regulators.
> Kind regards,
> Pejvan