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Thread: Delegate account to manage resources

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    Default Delegate account to manage resources


    How do I set up a resource so that someone can be delegated to accept or reject meeting requests? I only see that a resource can auto-accept all or auto-accept
    if free(from the admin console).

    I want to be able to have a person make the decision on approvals or rejections.


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    i'm also interested in having infos on this...

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    Bug 12414 - Improve overall user experience of setting up and using calendar resource that doesn't automatically accept/decline
    Currently it is possible to have a calendar resource that doesn't auto-accept/decline meeting invitations and instead lets a human manager do so manually. But setting this up is not easy, and there is no good way for the human manager to discover pending meeting requests on the resource.
    Set-up is like:
    1. zmprov ma resource@domain zimbraCalResAutoAcceptDecline FALSE
    (to turn off auto accept/decline, because admin console doesn't have this option)
    2. Set a password on resource account.
    3. Login as resource and shared calendar to the human manager.
    4. Human manager accepts the share and adds resource calendar to his/her calendar screen.

    While your at it see:
    Bug 8708 - Access Control for Calendar Resources
    Bug 13443 - Resources and locations should display organizer of conflicting meetings
    Bug 19999 - Resources do not auto decline if busy even though it is set.
    Bug 12654 - Request Editor share level between Viewer and Manager
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