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    I know this one already came by, but appart from the bug #7994 (@ and € signs on a finnish keyboard layout), and a forum post saying to edit the ZmKeyMap.js file (for the @ sign on german mac), I didn't find the answer that's good for me.
    We are all on PCs with a French keyboard layout and the € sign is AltGr+E
    so when composing mail in zimbra web client with shortcuts enabled, the AltGr+E centers the text...
    the first workaround was to disable shortcuts alltogether, but I would be happy to find the file to edit, so that I can suppress (comment out) the shortcut that centers text. I may then re-enable the shortcuts : it's annoying that the "del" and "esc" keys don't work, 'cause those are not considered "shortcut" keys by end users...

    PS : how come the AltGr+key (which is Ctrl+Alt+key if i'm not mistaking) gives the same results as Ctrl+key in zimbra web client ? I must admit that keycodes, scancodes and such had always puzzled me...
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