in Leopard has issues with moving mail with Zimbra.

This is a complicated issue, as the problem does not appear if using other IMAP servers, and does not appear with Zimbra using other clients - therefore there is some weird combination.

This issue is this:

  • Move a message from Folder A to Folder B
  • Now look through - Folder A no longer has the message
  • Still in - Folder B now has the moved message
  • Now in Zimbra Web client - Folder A has the message
  • AND Folder B has the message
  • And the message in Folder A is still marked Unread.

Initially I thought this might be something to do with Inbox - as it is sort of special. So I started moving all my incoming mail to a normal folder, and then moving the messages from there - well same problem.

Next time you run it downloads and reads all the messages in that folder again - sometimes however it will skip them - somehow it knows they have been dealt with. Most of the time though they are loaded as brand new messages.

This means you CAN NOT USE - why because reading, moving, deleting mail, is all basically ignored.

Because this does not appear with with other servers - I have documented it here.

There is also many other references to this on the internet.