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Thread: How can I move large numbers of files

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    Default How can I move large numbers of files

    If I've got the normal thousands of emails in Zimbra, how can I move some of those to a new folder (or delete them, or do something else with them) based on filter-type criteria?

    Filters work on new emails coming in, but not on existing ones as far as I can see.

    For example, how would I delete all emails over 6 months old, or all emails from a certain person, if there were thousands so selecting them manually, even with the help of a search, wasn't really an option.



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    There is currently no way to do this in the web client. Bug 1112 is the request for this enhancement; add your vote to the pile if it's something you wish to see.

    Of course that doesn't help you now.

    Your best bet to accomplish this at this time would be to use an IMAP client like Thunderbird, which will allow you to sort messages by a variety of criteria, select them and move them en masse by a simple drag and drop.



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