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Thread: Who is coming to my meeting?

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    Default Who is coming to my meeting?

    I am thinking of deploying Zimbra in a University setting. I have a basic question which I can't seem to find the answer. Here's the scenario:

    1) I create a new meeting for next month and invite several of my colleagues.
    2) Some of them respond they can attend, the rest respond they cannot.
    3) I see the responses in my inbox and delete them in order to avoid inbox clutter.

    One month from now, how am I supposed to tell who is coming and who isn't? Perhaps I am used to Exchange, but would it not make sense to be able to go into the details of that meeting and see at a glance who is attending and who is not? I know you can see other people's busy/free info, but that is pretty worthless as an indication of who is attending MY meeting as these people could easily be busy/free because of some other meeting.

    Certainly I am missing something as this can't be considered a calendaring solution without being able to easily tell attendance. Having to keep track of attendance manually via email responses is not realistic. Please help.

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Bug 7017 - make meeting/appointment attendee status more prominent (a.k.a. "tracking tab")

    BTW, it's slated for 5.0! (You can track what's going into the versions via PMWeb)
    Check out some of the suggested locations so far:

    Hover-over in cal:

    In the schedules tab:

    In the appointment details tab:

    Always glad to have another university getting on board! (well even if UCLA is still in their consideration phase)
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    mmorse: What about the Standard HTML client? "No" would be fine; people use the Standard client because they're trading features for speed.

    MichaelG: This info is also exposed in Apple iCal (pre-Leopard not recommended, due to lots and lots of Apple Mail bugs) and Outlook 2007 clients.

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