I am thinking of deploying Zimbra in a University setting. I have a basic question which I can't seem to find the answer. Here's the scenario:

1) I create a new meeting for next month and invite several of my colleagues.
2) Some of them respond they can attend, the rest respond they cannot.
3) I see the responses in my inbox and delete them in order to avoid inbox clutter.

One month from now, how am I supposed to tell who is coming and who isn't? Perhaps I am used to Exchange, but would it not make sense to be able to go into the details of that meeting and see at a glance who is attending and who is not? I know you can see other people's busy/free info, but that is pretty worthless as an indication of who is attending MY meeting as these people could easily be busy/free because of some other meeting.

Certainly I am missing something as this can't be considered a calendaring solution without being able to easily tell attendance. Having to keep track of attendance manually via email responses is not realistic. Please help.