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Thread: zcs 5.0 rc2 shared calendar not working

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    Default zcs 5.0 rc2 shared calendar not working


    I set up two accounts: A & B. A has only 1 calendar configured to be shared among internal members with manager rights. B has it's own calendar as well as a shared calendar linked to A's.

    Two problems were found. First, appointments were set up by A but could not be seen by the linked calendar in B. Second, B entered appointments in the shared calendar (owned by A), but all were recorded in B's own calendar.

    Did I do something incorrectly? All hints are welcome.


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    Further findings below:

    1. I entered a wrong path when I set up a linked folder in B. Therefore the shared appointment entered by A didn't show up in B. After I had corrected the path, they showed up correctly in the linked folder in B.

    (By the way, in version 4.5, an email would be sent to B for notification of the shared calendar. The receiver could accept or reject the share. In v5.0 rc2 the notification mail was also sent as the following:
    The following share has been created:

    Shared item: Calendar (Calendar Folder)
    Owner: ao608
    Role: Manager
    Allowed actions: View, Edit, Add, Remove, Accept, Decline

    I could no longer accept the share right away. I had to manually set up a linked calendar.

    2. Outstanding problem: the appointment entered by B in the share calendar was still written to B's personal calendar.


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