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Thread: Calendar : Display order of all-day appointments

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    Default Calendar : Display order of all-day appointments


    I would like to know whether all-day appointments (in top box of each day) are displayed in a given order or not.
    If so, could you tell me which rule is used for this order ?

    My problem is the following : everyday, I have 2 appointments with "all-day" checkbox checked. One appointment stand for the morning, the other stand for the afternoon (I have to see them in top of day, and not from 9:00 to 12:00, for exemple).
    Appointments labels start with either 'AM' or 'PM'. For example : "AM Do something" or "PM Do anything else".
    I hoped appointments would be sorted on this label, but that doesn't seem to work that way.

    Any suggestion, to display "AM" appointments before "PM" appointments ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i did with arrays. load the result to array then u can sort the array. in php is it usort for sort.

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