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Thread: Using ">" or "|" for original message when replying

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    Default Using ">" or "|" for original message when replying

    I've just tried the online demo and it looks quite nice. However, I am particularly interested in the new settings for marking original messages with ">" or "|" when replying. This feature does not appear to work for me. I have chosen "Include original message with the prefix below" yet the characters do not appear in the reply.

    Is anyone running RC2 and having the same issue ?

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    [QUOTE=bards1888;69975]Is anyone running RC2[/QUOTE}Yes, I am.

    Quote Originally Posted by bards1888 View Post
    ..and having the same issue ?
    No. They both work for me. However, I've just tried the hosted demo and you're correct that feature isn't working.


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