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Thread: I get a blank page when trying to access the admin web UI

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    Question I get a blank page when trying to access the admin web UI

    Ok this is really odd and almost certainly a corner case. I'm running a MBP with both FF beta and Safari web client. Server is 4.10GA on Ubunto.
    Whenever I try to access our zimbra Admin web UI from this machine I get the awful beige background but no login box and the page says done loading.
    I cleared my cache and all my cookies in both clients. I get the same thing back in both safari and FF.
    I can fire up VMware and access the admin UI fine through IE or FF in the windows session. So it's something OS/browser specific but for the life of me I can't figure out what.
    The user web interface works fine this only happens on the admin ui. Nothing is obviously out of whack on any settings there is no fire wall or proxy issues (happens from home, work wherever).
    It's s bit inconvenient to work like this (and I'm not sure when it started it's not obviously tied to a particular event, like a upgrade or patch).

    I thought maybe a java thing but updating that didn't seem to help anything and I would think that would impact the user client UI too. Yet...

    I see in the FF error console "Error:resp.getversioninforesponse has no properties ~/js/zimbraadmin_alljs.zgz$v=071117110719 line: 10737

    Anyway if anyone has a pointer or has seen this issue before I would be much obliged.


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