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Thread: Bulk Saving of Attachments?

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    Default Bulk Saving of Attachments?

    I suspect the answer is "no", but I have some users with several thousand messages all containing multiple attachments. I need to help them get their quota usage down (we are planning to set our limit to 200M per user) and this particular user has 800M used mainly due to attachments. She claims that she needs to keep every one and without having someone from IT sit down with her and weed out her thousands of messages, I don't know how we can pare down her usage. So, my question is... does Zimbra have a way of donwloading all attachments in a bulk operation? It doesn't even have to be done by the user. Is this something that can be deon from the admin side? From the backend IMAP interface? The MySQL DB?

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    hi..Read carefully the below thread..this may help you to get the mails in ZIP format

    * as an admin you can go to user mailbox using VIEW MAIL in manage accounts and then can use REST interface to ZIP

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