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Thread: Where has my old mail gone?

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    Default Where has my old mail gone?

    Now before you start laughing, I say this in full seriousness. Several times now I've been asked by users why their old e-mail is being deleted. After a few days/weeks it magically disappears! The solution? Click the right-pointing arrow at the top right of the page labeled "Next Page" and *poof* it's back!

    No, I'm not making this up.

    One thing that I've noticed with many mail clients is that they'll show the total number of messages in the folder, like "1-25 of 200". The default skin only says "1-25", and this seems to lead the user into thinking they only have 25 messages and the rest have been deleted.

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    On your part set the COS to 100
    In 5.0 it's fixed in message view (attached pic) I don't remember where the RFE is to fix it for convo view.
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