Not sure if this is a bug in Zimbra 5.0 RC2, or in the way we have it setup.

We have 3 normal user accounts configured on the server. We also have a "pseudo" account configured on the server called "helpdesk". It's "pseudo" in that we want mail delivered to the inbox, but don't want anyone to actually login to the account.

We have shared the inbox for helpdesk to our three normal users. It shows in the folder list for each of the three users. The three users can all view messages in the folder, move messages into the folder, move messages out of the folder. We can even add tags to the messages (after creating the tags in the helpdesk account).

Mail is delivered into the helpdesk inbox. And the three users can see the mail when they click on the shared folder in their folder list.

However, the shared folder never turns bold, and the new message counter never appears beside the folder.

In case this is not the ideal setup, here is what we are trying to do:
We want to have a folder where messages for the helpdesk are delivered. We want the three people who handle helpdesk calls to have access to that folder to see the messages. And we want them to be able to tag the messages according to who is looking after the message. And then be able to move the message into a sub-folder once it's been looked after and considered complete.

The setup we have seems to allow all of that, *except* we never see when new helpdesk messages arrive.

Any help or pointers to info appreciated.