Distribution lists in 5.0 seem really powerful. Especially with the integration into the GAL and being able to assign an e-mail address to them. However, there's one thing keeping them from being a full-fledged mailing list replacement: the reply-to/from headers.

When a recipient hits Reply, it puts in the address of the person who sent the message to the distribution list, and not the address of the distribution list. (Reply-To: is set to the sender of the message, not the distribution list address)

Is there a way (short of mucking around in Postfix' header re-writing) to make the distribution lists feature work more like a mailing list, where the list address goes into the Reply-To header?

[Technically, it's not a bug, as a "distribution" list is just for sending out messages, but it would be very nice indeed to be able to use this as a mailing list software replacement.]