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Thread: Can't copy, can only move

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    Default Can't copy, can only move

    Zimbra OS 5 RC2

    I am playing with shared contacts, email, calendars etc. Some of the things I want to do is to copy an email from my inbox to a shared mail area so other users can view this mail. I don't want to actually share my inbox. I can't do this as I only seem to have the option of moving. That means I can't retain the original email in it's original location. Likewise with appointments, playing with Zimbra desktop I wanted to copy some shared appointments so I could look at these when out on the road but I am only able set either the shared calendar or my own calendar when I really would need both. At the moment it is only an issue with shared folders but I can't help thinking the lack of copying ability will limit some usage.

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    Please try Zimbra 5.0 GA. You can get the download in the announcements forum.

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    ? I can use an external thick-client to do so, but in the web-client as far as I knew these weren't done yet:
    Bug 21292 - Enhancement - Implementing Copy Email in email context menu (or move > create copy)
    Bug 8094 - Copy and paste/DnD copy of calendar entries (copy context menu or ctl+drag to other calendar on left)

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