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Thread: Possible to select all messages in search result?

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    Default Possible to select all messages in search result?

    I'm finally taking some time this weekend to organize my mailbox. I have thousands of messages and want to tag some, move others to new folders and delete a whole bunch of old stuff.

    Advanced search works great to isolate the different messages, but I realized that I can't select the whole group resulting from a search. Is that possible?

    I searched this forum and found a thread from 2006 asking this same question, but the answer was negative at that time. Has there been a fix since then?

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    We have added a checked box selection method in 5.0, but I don't think that will cover what you need. Search the bugzilla for an enhancement on this and add your vote to it.

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    For reference, it's Bug #4175


    Connect using an IMAP client (such as Thunderbird), subscribe the appropriate folders, and move the messages that way.

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