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Thread: ZmPref.pollingIntervalDisplay is not a function

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    Default ZmPref.pollingIntervalDisplay is not a function


    I have two Firefox profiles on my machine.

    One profile works "perfectly".
    The other gives this message when I click on the preferences tab;

    "ZmPref.pollingIntervalDisplay is not a function"

    Anyone any ideas why / what I can do to fix it ?


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    Default Other Profile

    Just use the profile that works! Just kidding. The first place I would look (without knowing what your error means) would be in the Firefox Preferences for each profile. See a difference? That might be the place to start.

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    Default Profile differences ...

    The profiles are intentionally VERY different, but it was working yesterday and as far as I'm aware I've changed nothing.

    If anyone is interested in finding out why, it needs to come from the Zimbra side .. it doesn't worry my personal usage, but if this can randomly hit many thousands of users with no clue as to what's going on, it could be a critical.

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