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    Default Zimbra Toaster alternative

    There is an alternative to Zimbra Toaster. It's called Zimbra Notifier and can be downloaded from the following link: Habitech

    It has the following features:
    1. MAPI Support. Now you can set Zimbra Notifier as your default mail application. (New)
    2. Tested with Zimbra Collaboration Server versions 7.1.4 and below.
    3. "Send to Zimbra" Shell extension
    4. Notifies due date appointment and e-mails.
    5. Drag-and-drop file upload support. Upload files into drafts folder. Just drag a file or folder and drop it into ZimbraNotifier app icon.
    6. Works in all windows versions
    7. Set zimbra as default mail client, send files to Zimbra directly from MS Office and from windows explorer.
    8. Does not require installing additional software packages, such as .net framework or java.
    9. Changes the icon when a new mail arrives and cleans it when it's marked as read or deleted.
    10. Configurable alert mechanism (modal window, sound, alert balloon in Taskbar Notification Area)
    11. Obeys polling interval from the Zimbra Preferences
    12. Very low PC memory requirements
    13. Define your own notification rules using advanced filters and regular expresions
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    Default Java Cross platform notifier - sourceforge

    This one has not as many functions, but is free as in free beer.

    Zimbra Tray | Download Zimbra Tray software for free at



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