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Thread: can't create recurring appointment in shared calendar.

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    Default can't create recurring appointment in shared calendar.

    Fedora 7, Zimbra 5.0.1

    I can create a "normal" one instance appointment in the shared calendar but when I try to create a recurring appointment I get;

    msg: invalid request: Cannot create/modify an appointment/task with organizer set to when using account
    code: service.INVALID_REQUEST
    method: ModifyAppointmentRequest
    detail: soap:Sender

    I have changed the user and domain parts for this post.

    Thanks all

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    Just to re-confirm, are you creating a *new* appointment or editing an existing one?

    There was a known issue (fixed post 5.0) with editing an existing appointment and changing the calendar of a local appointment to that of a remote calendar (or vice versa).

    If its happening with creation, can provide repro steps starting with creating the share, accepting the share, etc.

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    It was on both creation and modification but today I can't recreate the problem. The recurring appointments are going into both local and shared calendars just fine. Will post again if i can recreate the problem.


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