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Thread: Where does a deleted msg. go?

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    Default Where does a deleted msg. go?

    That sounds like a really dumb question, I know... maybe it is... but scratching my head here. I accidentally deleted 1 message in a conversation thread. No problem, I'll just go to Trash - but it is not there! A search does not locate it either. How I did it... I open a grouping of msgs. (in conversation thread mode), highlight one of the messages in the pane above, highlight some text in the msg. text in the pane below, and hit the Delete key twice.

    I wonder, have I found some javascript feature that hitting Del twice removes it from your trash as well? Curious... any hints for the possibly clueless here?

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    I think by hitting the Delete key twice your first delete put it to Trash and your second delete deleted the message from Trash, which does in fact, completely get rid of the message. Off hand I am not aware of any way of recovering a message once it has been deleted from Trash.

    Just as a double-check, you do know that by default searching does not look in the Trash folder, right?

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