I've just been turned on to Zimbra by anand's comment in an Ask Slashdot about calendar sharing.

I think I'd really love for my wife and I to use Zimbra for calendaring and contacts, and possibly email. I'm technically competent, though mostly in the Windows world. I have no problem picking up OSX or Linux skills.

As I see it, my options are

1. Look around for someone offering hosted instances of Zimbra as a subscription service.

2. Buy a new machine and install it at home, hosting this machine on the public internet for sole use by my family.

Any Recommendations? I fear that no-one offers #1 yet, and even when they do it will be a subscription service aimed at business only.

If I go with option 2, ease of use is the key. I was thinking a Mac OSX installation might be good. (Although I don't fear building Linux, it's just not where I want my energies to go right now.) Which Mac should I be considering if its role is primarily hosting Zimbra? Or should I save the bucks and buy a pre-configured Linux machine to install this on?