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Thread: Lotus Notes and ZCS Ajax Client - Calendar Problems

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    Default Lotus Notes and ZCS Ajax Client - Calendar Problems

    We're looking at Zimbra as a replacement to Domino/Notes.

    As a result we would almost certainly have overlapping time using both Lotus and the Ajax client and I've run into an issue that could be problematic in this scenario.

    I can create calendar entries and send an invite from the Ajax client to Lotus but when I send an invite from my Lotus Client to the Ajax client (all other systems work HTML, Outlook Connector, etc.) it is unable to open the appointment after you accept it from within the calendar.

    I've attached what it looks like when you try and open the appointment.

    The half screen that looks like it's covering up the calendar layout will not close when you click the 'Close' button. It will only go away if you switch to the HTML client and then switch back. In some cases it doesn't even try to open the appointment; the screen quickly flashes white and then goes back to the calendar as if nothing happened.

    I presume it's an issue with the way that Lotus is sending the appointment. Notice that it has three other attachments on the appointment besides the .ics file.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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    Testing Zimbra 5.0.1 as a possible Domino replacement.

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