I have a shared task folder, if I create a task and then want to move it to a shared task folder I get;

An invalid request was made.

msg: invalid request: Cannot create/modify an appointment/task with organizer set to user1@domain.com when using account user2@domain.com
code: service.INVALID_REQUEST
method: ModifyTaskRequest
detail: soap:Sender

I can't drag and drop tasks (I just get a red box) so this is when I either double click or choose edit and change the Task List drop down box.

If I create the task in the shared folder and then want to move it back to my local tasks I get the same error but with the organiser and account names the other way round.

I have has similar but unpredictable results with appointments.

In addition if I create a task in a local folder and then create another task and choose the shared folder as the destination, when I click save they both appear in the currently viewed folder even though they are in different folders. When I click on either the shared folder or local folder in the left hand side they appear to display correctly. It looks like a refresh isn't being called correctly upon a save of a task.