Hi there. Great software! Just trying to evaluate at the moment. For our specific situation, I'm trying to clarify a few things, if I may:

1. Multiple accounts #1
Currently I have about 20 different email accounts spread across about 14 different domains. All email comes into Outlook and is auto-filtered into folders (1 per account). Some email accounts only need checking every couple of days, or when there are new messages. Can I configure Zimbra to do likewise (i.e. auto-sweep mail into specific folders rather than clogging my inbox with things that need attention only in downtime)? (I suppose this is filter-by-incoming account, since filtering by To: or Cc: just doesn't do the same thing at all). Most of our users have multiple accounts.

2. Multiple accounts #2
When I reply to an email addressed to me as, for instance, bloggs@123.com, Oulook replies from that address so the recipient isn't confused. Is this possible in Zimbra? In fact, can I have multiple email accounts at all?

3. Multiple accounts #3
In the same scenario, when I compose a new (blank) message in Outlook, I have the option to select which account I will send it from using a drop-down. Is this possible in Zimbra?

4. Folders
When I create a new folder in Zimbra I can elect to subscribe to an RSS/Atom feed. However I cannot change this property later (for instance, if the feed changes) - there doesn't seem to be a "Properties" option in the Folder right-click context menu, only an option to rename the folder. Am I missing something here?

Sorry if these are FAQs, but I can't easily see the answers to these (or, rather, I see an absence of information). Or perhaps they're on the roadmap? Whilst the development of fun things like Zimlets are interesting, I'm unsure where the core Zimbra web client is going right now, as it currently seems only to support a subset of the core functionality of most "enterprise" mail clients.

For reference, we're evaluating with a view to a paid subscription rather than OSS. We do not use Exchange, but use Outlook as a mail client and a number of different back-end technologies.

Many thanks, Silas