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Thread: Outlook with alias - send as

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    Default Outlook with alias - send as

    Zimbra webmail rocks because it allows you to "send as" any of your aliases just by pulling down a menu.

    Anyone know of some plugin for Outlook that would allow this? I can setup each alias under seperate logins for outlook to get the pulldown I'm looking for. But then it's running 3 imap sessions and is a nightmare.

    I've checked on some Outlook forums but the people on the zimbra forums seem to have a higher knowledge of email systems in general.


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    Almost three years later and I'm now looking for an answer to this question.
    Actually, I'll settle for mail coming from outlook simply respecting the 'zimbraPrefFromAddress' attribute.

    I've set it using:
    zmprov ma zimbraPrefFromAddress ''
    and now mail coming from the webmail client uses the desired alias by default, but when using outlook and connector version 6.0.5902.6, mail arrives at its destination as

    Any hints?

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