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Thread: New user - GPG question

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    Question New user - GPG question


    Im new to the forums and just wanted to say first of all that I think Zimbra is an amazing product. Im not sure how it got to version 3 before it popped up on my radar but there you go

    Anyway, on to my question/feature request-

    Does Zimbra/Can Zimbra have any kind og GPG integration ?

    Many thanks


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    Default Gpg

    When you ask for GPG integration, I assume you mean in the web client.

    I think right now (depending on your client) that you could do this with an IMAP/POP client.

    As for web client integration - I think we'd have to store the keys on the server, and do the encryption/signing there, rather than in the browser. I'm not sure the browser could access the keys on local disk, and I don't think re-implementing GPG in javascript would be very easy (and performance would probably be horrible).

    So, to do this in the server, we'd need:
    UI for key management
    UI for encryption
    Java GPG implementation (this may already exist).

    It's not on our roadmap now, but if you want it, add an RFE at and we'll add it to the list.

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    On the version question... the company has been around since 2003 in stealth mode. Version 1 and 2 were private releases during this time. So version 3 was the first public version and first released as Open Source (Sept 2005).

    We currently do not have any embeded GPG support. It's on the roadmap and something we plan to get to in the future.
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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Sorry, yes I did mean in the web client. Thanks for the reply, I see now what a undertaking this would be. Its not something I really need - I could use thunderbird if I really needed it I guess. It was more curiosity on my side.

    That would explain why I havent seen it before version 3 then I just can get over just how fully featured it is - its awesome

    Thanks again, Ade

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