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Thread: Briefcase Document editing....

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    Default Briefcase Document editing....

    So, rolling out Zimbra here, and would'nt you know it one of the first users does the following.

    Upload some word Documents to the Briefcase, yay!
    Goto another computer, login to Zimbra, double click on the word documents.
    It asks if they want to save or open (Firefox)
    They click Open of course.
    They edit the file happiliy
    They hit the save button in OpenOffice.
    They close and logout of OpenOffice and Zimbra.
    They go home, and the changes they've made to the documents are not there in Zimbra.

    Now I would not have actually expected this to work... however from a user perspective.. with the slick interface the web client has, the fact that it's hard to differentiate between zimbra and firefox, etc. etc. They expect it to either work, or tell them it won't. To make this worse, this was on a Ubuntu client, Firefox downloaded the files to /tmp, and they are GONE/GONE/GONE. Which I actually would have expected also, but at least on a crummy IE client it probably would have left the files hanging around so I could recover them.

    Thoughts, Ideas, enhancement possibilities?

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    Is there an answer to this?

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