I recently upgraded to 5.02 NE (we're in demo testing phase) and seem to remember this working differently in 5.00. Zimbra won't let me delete a sub folder of a shared folder I have mounted even if I was the one that created the sub folder and have full rights to the enteire tree.


I have a central user called company@domain.com i'm using as a store for shared e-mail folders. I have one of their folders /Tech shared to the techgroup@domain.com with rwidx permissions

user1 is a member of the distribution list techgroup@domain.com

user1 creates a link to a shared e-mail folder

owner: company@domain.com
path: /Tech
name: Tech

under that is a few subfolders already that show up. one of them is "vendors". I can verify via zmmailbox that the techgroup has rwidx permissions on both /Tech and /Tech/vendors.

as user1 I right click on vendors and select new folder, names it Zimbra for example. new folder /Tech/vendors/Zimbra is created, verified rwidx inherited permissions. user1 can put a message in there, delete a message from there. However, if user1 tries to delete the Zimbra folder this message comes up

msg: cannot copy object: 5665
code: mail.CANNOT_COPY
method: FolderActionRequest
detail: soap:Sender
data: [object Object]
trace: com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailServiceException: cannot copy object: 5665 Code:mail.CANNOT_COPY ArgitemId, IID, "5665") at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.Ma...

Is this the intended behavior? It is actually maybe a blessing since there is no folder level delete inhibit it seems, however I don't want to have to login as the company@domain.com user in order to delete any shared subfolder in our company.