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Thread: Cannot Add Tags to Appointment in shared calendar

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    Default Cannot Add Tags to Appointment in shared calendar


    My users cannot add tags to appointment in shared calendar.
    Adding tags to their own appointments works, the problem is only with appointments in shared calendar.

    I am not sure is this possible at all or something wrong with shared calendar settings/preference.

    We also tried giving 'Manager' role to users with whom the calendar is shared.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    You should complete your profile with OS and Zimbra's version.

    About your problem, take a look at this :

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    That link refers to an outstanding bug/RFE. Any progress?

    I am using 5.0.4. Want to have shared address book and its tags available to all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fcash View Post
    You have to create the tags in *all* the accounts that share the folder, and they have to be created in the *same order* on all the accounts. Then, you will be able to tag messages in the folder and everyone will see "the same" tags.

    Tags are currently stored per-user, and just the tag number is associated with the message. And tags are lost when you move messages into shared folders, so you have to move the message, then tag it.

    There are bug/RFEs that are working toward global/shared tags. Search for them and vote for them.
    Here are some RFEs to vote for / support ticket tag / CC watch:
    Bug 22824 - RFE: add global tags to be applied to Shared Mailboxes
    Bug 5210 - shared tags between users
    Bug 11124 - tagging shared contacts

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    Default Is this issue resolved yet ?

    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    I Check the RFE's but the most apt use case for me is this bug,hence need a clarification.
    Scenario :

    We have this X calendar that contains all appointments for meetings and milestones for our product. We need to find a way to filter those appointments to only display the events in the calendar that are relevant to a particular group(Y group) (with selected events) and provide this filtered result in an exportable format (.ics, or even an RSS feed, if possible) for Y group follow.

    We are using the free open source version of zimbra (Zimbra 7.2.2_GA_2852 (build 20121204211952)), and of course we do not want to create multiple calendar's and duplicate events in each of them.

    The approach of tags here sounds good but not sure how to use it.IS there a document explaining that as I am unable to create tags on existing events in my shared calendar.

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