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Thread: new appointment in current calendar?

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    Default new appointment in current calendar?

    I have a user who is an executive admin. One of her jobs is to manage her bosses calendar. We have been able to make her a "manager" of his calendar, and link it, but she tries to add a new appointment, it keeps adding to her default calendar instead of the one she is viewing. Is there any way to work around this?

    EDIT: I should mention by default, you can select the calendar, but she doesn't ever add stuff to her calendar, just his. It should add to whatever calendar is being viewed or have some way of setting a default calendar for new events maybe?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Vote for Bug 11627 - Allow user to specify a default calendar for new appointments
    The other I can't seem to find right now but it's something like "pick from currently selected/enabled calendars when making a new appointment".

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