I have historically used Word to create a document we use essentially as a newsletter. This would be sent directly from Word via Outlook. The layout, etc. were preserved in the email without layout issues, etc.

We recently converted to Zimbra as our new service. The general function of the email client is fine, but for what I'm trying to do its a big concern. I can still use Word/Outlook to create and send the file...but the view of it to my dismay in Zimbra gets hacked to shreds. Images are stripped out, layout doesn't match the Word file for the text that does show, etc. I don't mind the sending from Outlook...but the view from other Zimbra users is a train wreck. I've tried changing the Word doc format to html, mht, etc...with no change in the received format of email. I tried extracting HTML source code from the IE view of the html file...same problem. I tried simply copying and pasting and it won't take the graphics properly.

Note, the display in HTML option IS selected.

So I'll go ahead and ask at this point...HELP!