Love Zimbra...

Was a pain to set-up because of my low end server, but the time was very well spent...

However, I feel a little bit left out. Yes, I run the OSS edition. Yes, I have 4 users (family members). Would it be such a threat to the business model to let small user full sync capabilities?

I mean it's a mix bag... have a Mac, have a PC, have a PocketPC phone... have a linux box hosting Zimbra... Maintaining all these devices in sync (email is easy, contacts a little troublesome and let's forget about calendar!) is very problematic.

I did contribute my small part to the project, and I'm willing to do more... all I need is something more reasonable than a 25 seats or a $500 license fee option.

So my suggestion (and wish!) is when can the little guy get some relief with the syncing?

Thanks for the great work so far!