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Thread: Calendar Feature request

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    Default Calendar Feature request

    Some of the things our users are complaining about (they alway do find something) is the fact that you can't snooze for lets say a day or 3 hours. It would be nice to have more time options under snooze. Another thing is notification options. Our users would like to have the ability to be notified of an event a day before or a couple of hours before so they have ample time to have what they need prepaired.

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    It should be showing you the events for that day x minutes beforehand, so snoozing a day sounds like they want a reminder of an event they missed rather than just moving the event later in the day or to the next.

    Not to despair - vote for these RFE's:
    Bug 8854 - Support flexible alarm schedules for calendar appointments
    Bug 15146 - add calendar reminders with units = days
    Bug 9902 - Appointment Reminder is very static.
    You might also be interested in:
    Bug 7899 - calendar notifications in pop-up window
    Bug 7482 - audible calendar meeting alerts

    (I do understand that you might just be using the Zimbra Desktop so that's why you filed here - let me know if it can be moved to the general users section of the forums.)

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    Default move?

    Sure, Feel free to move it wherever you think it needs to be.

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    I see the same problem in the new Zimbra Desktop 2.

    users are complaining that they cannot individually snooze a single event at a time. Also that they can't go beyone 60 minutes. . . .

    I don't understand how the developers could have missed this basic function. I need to figure out a hack or work around. Any help? ?

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    Default Agreed

    Flexible reminders is nice, but in our case our CEO wants to be able to set a reminder for the day before, but then snooze it to an appropriate time the next day or whenever so it pops up a second reminder.

    The basic idea of this is either provide a way to set up new reminder for those set far out, or let them snooze longer than 60 minutes... up to 8 hours would be fine in our case.

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    Any update on this by chance? My users are wanting more than 60 minutes of snooze...


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