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Thread: Calendar i18n, preview pane in FF 1.5, and suggestions

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    Default Calendar i18n, preview pane in FF 1.5, and suggestions


    Just installed the latest version (congrats on this first non-Beta version).

    A few comments:

    1. Preview pane: Good fix, I can see the messages in FF 1.5, and the Preview Pane has finally fell into place;
    2. Calendar i18n: I'm not certain if this is related to bug 5245, but the behavior of a new appointment is quite erratic, when the browser default language is something else than English (I use French). When setting up an appointment, using the small calendar to input the begin and end date, the month and day are reversed, which means a meeting on the 01/02/06 (February the first) would be created on the 02/01/06 (January the second). Quite a problem, since the French and European users will have to set their browser default language to English if they want the appointment system to work properly. Furthermore, in one instance (I could not reproduce the bug), setting a single appointment on a single day (no "repeat") did produce a whole month of daily appointments! My hunch is that this problem is related to the Calendar "interchangable day-month" bug somehow.
    3. Calendar appointment status: When setting up an appointment, and inviting someone through the "attendees" field, the said appointment instantly becomes "accepted", without the return mail being received.
    4. SMTP default port: I would suggest that further versions of Zimbra use 587 as a default port for SMTP, so that users may use their favorite client behind any blocking-the-port-25-to-prevent-spam type of ISP.

    Having said that, all kudos to the Zimbra team (and in particular those with the difficult job of answering all of our posts) for this incredible software .

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