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Thread: Quick date selection

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    Question Quick date selection

    Hi all,

    I am often working on schedules 6-8 months in advance. I found a quick way to jump a full year ahead, but no other option.

    I prefer to work in "week view". It takes me at least 6 clicks to move ahead 6 months, plus switching fom email to calendar view, etc.

    Any way we could get a quick month selector?


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    Welcome to the forums

    I could not find a way to do this so how about creating a RFE for it at Bugzilla Main Page

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    Reference: Bug 26395 - quickly goto date (always good to post back here so people can find it easier)

    Welcome to the forums though! Just to orient you a bit:

    Bugs & RFE's (requests for enhancements) can be filed/voted for in Bugzilla & tracked (see priorities & what release their going into) via PMweb.
    As you're an NE customer you can also add a 'tagged support ticket' extra vote; see your system admin if you're in-fact an end-user & want this done.

    A good doc to checkout is: Open Source Product Management: How do features get into Zimbra?

    Last but definitely not least - the Wiki has all sorts of collective knowledge in it

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