I've just installed a new Zimbra 5 setup and am migrating over from the old Zimbra 4 system (I went for a new install as, due to a problem with a backup that I didn't notice until too late, a few things were screwy with the old setup so an upgrade may not have been safe), and the time format in the calendar is different.

Previously calendar entries where shown in 24-hour format (though the labels on the left of the calendar view were in 12-hour with AM/PM signifier) but now all dates are shown in 12-hour with AM/PM signifier.

I've searched through the setings available to both users and in the admin area for users/domains/CoS and I can't see any way to change this back. FYI: the user accounts have their local set to "English (UK)".

Just a small niggle, but one my inner anal-retentive would like to see sorted