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Thread: Can't navigate to new mobile client directly

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    Default Can't navigate to new mobile client directly


    I am using zimbra 5.0.2

    I figured something about the Mobile Client. The drop down menu at the
    login page does not seem to be directing correctly.
    To reproduce:
    - go to login page in any browser.
    - from the "which version would you like" drop down choose 'mobile'
    -Enter credentials and log in

    expected behavior: Mobile client appears.

    actual behavior: Default client appears. (On most mobile devices, errors out due to size of page)

    The only work around I have found is, after login with credentials, to add /m/ in the URL after zimbra. This will show the mobile client, but is a hassle, especially as the login page shows the mobile client as an option. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone found a way to fix it?

    I have repro'd this in IE, Firefox, a Sidekick, WM5 device.

    I had another user repro the issue for Mac OS X 10.5.2/Safari 3.0.4.
    Same Mac user mentioned that the iPhone correcty loads the mobile client at all times.

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    I can't duplicate this on the latest 5.0.4 and I don't see anything in bugzilla about a problem like this. Do you have a test account I could login to and test this? Send me a PM with details if you want me to try.


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    Yup, I've seen this as well with Firefox on Linux, and both Firefox and IE on Windows. Currently running Zimbra FOSS 5.0.2. I've also seen a similar thing with trying to login to the Standard HTML client. We're not really using the Mobile or Standard HTML client much, so I haven't really had the chance to troubleshoot it. I just noticed the issue when I was doing some testing of the Mobile client.

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    Might have been this bug:

    Bug 25214 - The mobile web interface doesn't work properly from http:// URL

    which was fixed in 5.0.3/5.0.4.
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