I am using zimbra 5.0.2

I figured something about the Mobile Client. The drop down menu at the
login page does not seem to be directing correctly.
To reproduce:
- go to login page in any browser.
- from the "which version would you like" drop down choose 'mobile'
-Enter credentials and log in

expected behavior: Mobile client appears.

actual behavior: Default client appears. (On most mobile devices, errors out due to size of page)

The only work around I have found is, after login with credentials, to add /m/ in the URL after zimbra. This will show the mobile client, but is a hassle, especially as the login page shows the mobile client as an option. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone found a way to fix it?

I have repro'd this in IE, Firefox, a Sidekick, WM5 device.

I had another user repro the issue for Mac OS X 10.5.2/Safari 3.0.4.
Same Mac user mentioned that the iPhone correcty loads the mobile client at all times.